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Fervid Designs is a full service web design and marketing company offering a wide range of services to support businesses on the Internet. We bring technology and services together to help companies and their clients realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams.

Disruptive technologies demand rapid transformation and adaptation; something that we have incorporated deeply within our corporate structure. We are a connected company based in Vancouver Canada working virtually which enables us to reach rapidly across the globe through our extensive networks.

For 20 years we have worked with companies from all over the world, developing solutions using the latest proven technologies. We are early adopters of technology, and continually adapt and experiment to find the most efficient and safe methods to develop solutions for businesses to work online. With the incredible growth in mobile access to the Web, we have adapted by handcrafting responsive structures that work across all web browsers and all devices that can access the web – from computer to tablet to cellphone.

From the inspiration phase, through the development of the website, brand identity, social media development, graphic design, digital and print marketing, adaptive search engine optimization, analytics and tech solutions, we produce solutions for a business’ changing digital needs.

Our Services

We ensure that our designs use the latest techniques to be viewable on any web browser and on any device, whether it be your iPhone, iPad or computer. We use well-structured coding to ensure that your website will perform well on Google and other search engines,as well as making it easier to maintain.

Using well-structured design tecniques, we follow colour theory, design theory and ethical practices to ensure your web presence is energy efficient and is not only functional but also beautiful.

We design all our sites in HTML5, CSS3, and utilize jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress and other effective platforms. Before we begin the process, we choose the proper framework upon which to build the site, whether it is WordPress or a similar CMS or a hand-coded HTML site.

As we code, we build in all the SEO techniques needed to optimize your website for the search engines so that you can be easily found. Careful construction of the written and visual content are also provide the foundation for a strong web presence.

Web Strategy

Adaptive search engine optimization, analytics and strategies customized to each individual or business' needs, designed to utilize organic and social/graph search capabilities. Heavy focus on organic search results, data-driven and strategic adaptation.

Web Development

Front-end development based on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, advanced JavaScript and/or WordPress to create interactive, responsive websites that reflect the personality and needs of a company or individual. Utilizing the latest technology, we develop sites that combine elegant design and sophisticated coding.

Content & Social Media Marketing

Development of search engine, content and social media marketing campaigns designed to market products and services, build brand awareness, convert leads and educate. Extensive blogging, social media practice and training and insights into Google to create online identity.

Business Consultation

Customized business solutions and adaptation to the web designed to enhance a company or individual's digital identity and web footprint, redesign current web presence, and educate employees. I focus on the people behind the business.

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