Adapting to the changing digital search landscape

Adapting to the changes in search engine algorithms, a new integrated digital/physical world and growing need to personalize business approaches to adjust to customer needs and interactions all pose incredible challenges for businesses.  Blogging fills so many of these needs that it should be a requirement to create a more effective web presence.

Google changes often, so implementing an adaptive SEO program is key to consistently achieve solid rankings online and a key feature of this program is to build in blogs.  With personalized search options, social media integration, fresh unique content requirements, and the growth of the connecting authors to content, developing a blog for your business is crucial to your success.

Blogs add Authoritative Content

Google wants to see content that is fresh, unique and consistent with the theme of your website.  For example, if your business blog consists of photos of your products with small descriptions, but does not give further insights into your products, why you picked those products and all aspects related to your business, you are missing an opportunity.
A well-written business blog is not only relevant and a useful source of information, it encourages your visitors to stay long on each page, click deeper into the site and to come back to learn more.  I meet so many business owners who overlook how much knowledge they have garnered over the years that is unique and interesting to others, but overlooked as “too common”.  Yet it is amazing how much power that common knowledge has in the world of informationalism.  When we share knowledge it can transform our business.

Google has attached authorship to content which adds a whole new layer to the business blog.  If your site content has authority, it helps the entire site rise higher on Google.  Blogs attach the author to the content, thereby increasing the influence and authority, which helps with search engine ranking, builds trust and adds a story to your business.  This enables blogs to perform well on search engines through standard search, personalized search or advanced search methods.  All of this results in traffic to your site and interest in your products and services.


A powerful new trend on the web is the digital story.  Viewers want to research the company and products/services long before they even get in touch with you, but it is even more influential if they engage in a conversation with you, or become fascinated by your story.
This approach personalizes your businesses, adds a human touch to it, and brings out the individual personalities within the company.  People want to have a conversation, as evidenced by the incredible growth of social media.  If you develop your topics based around what your customers need to know, what they are interested in and use the content to feed your social media marketing channels while educating your clients and engaging with them, everything online regarding your business will work more effectively.

Successful Business Blogging

To take advantage of the opportunities of having a blog there are some elements that need to be considered. 
The quality of your writing is paramount.  Having engaging content that is designed for how people read content online, embedding opportunities for conversations, asking questions, and building in multimedia, high quality graphics and visual design all can assist in the overall quality of your writing and its reception.
Being organized, committed and following a schedule can increase the prominence of your business blog to become a reliable source of information.  As well, it is important to have an understanding of the overall theme of the business, the SEO strategy and insights into the marketing campaign so that your blog articles can be in synch, while not appearing to be sales pitches, but rather insights that educate and engage the reader.
Your blogs also need to be sincere and provide information that comes from you, not a firm thousands of kilometers away who merely pump out formulaic writing.  If your company blog lacks content, looks artificial, or is insincere, it can be very damaging.

Seize the Opportunity

It’s time to seize the opportunity and invest in your company blog.  The opportunities to engage viewers should be seen as a priority in your overall marketing scheme.  Your blog builds your authority, assists with getting a better position on Google, provides fresh unique content and allows you to engage in a sincere and authentic way with your clients.  If done right, your blog will increase your business, your position on the web and make you the authority on your products and services.  This is not something to be taken lightly! 

What are your experiences with your business blog?  What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?


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