The People Behind the Business

With Google’s new emphasis on Author Rank as a replacement for Page Rank, our new focus for the past year has been on the people behind the business.  When building a corporate identity online, this is an excellent way to not only tell the story of the business and build further interest, but also to increase your overall performance on Google.

Personalization of the Web
As Google moves to create a more personalized experience online, evaluate content and search for authenticity of information, it only makes sense to increase the prominence of the people who run a business.  In larger organizations, this can be challenging since a policy of determining who is represented online needs to be established, but in small and medium-sized businesses, this is vital to ensure a strong online presence....

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Time to Update your Website

Running a business is becoming more complicated than ever, and your presence on the web is becoming more vital to marketing and customer retention than ever before.

The web is continually changing and the technologies to best present your business are becoming much more powerful.

Is it time to update your website?

But I have a website

“But my business has a website – it doesn’t really do anything for us, but we have a website.”
This is a comment I often hear when I work with businesses ...

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A Responsive Web

The digital space of flows of the Internet is seeping into every aspect of our lives from business, to learning, to socializing and even to the redefinition of self. As the digital and physical worlds become deeply enmeshed, existing in both spheres demands new challenges for developers, designers and prosumers of information.

Back in 2010, Ethan Marcotte wrote a seminal article about responsive webdesign on A List Apart, and the movement is finally becoming mainstream. The concept of a flexible foundation for design is taking hold as more and more designers and developers move to create platforms that enable the web to be easily accessed and beautifully transformed to work on any device of any screen size. It adds a whole new level of creativity to the design process as we need to ...

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Choose HTML5

The popularity of CMS With the ever growing popularity of Wordpress, some business people are curious why we at Fervid Designs prefer to develop our websites using HTML5. While Wordpress does enable simple updates, ease of quick site development through the use of templates and multiple plugins to expand the utility of the website, there are also many disadvantages ...

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Blogging for Business

Adapting to the changes in search engine algorithms, a new integrated digital/physical world and growing need to personalize business approaches to adjust to customer needs and interactions all pose incredible challenges for businesses. Blogging fills so many of these needs that it should be a requirement to create a more effective web presence....

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